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Inspection Before Cutting When You Get A New Metal Laser Cutting Machine

1. Inspection before processing

Check whether the power supply line in the control cabinet is loose ;
Inspect the lathe bed, laser source, water chiller, air compressor, exhaust fan ;
Inspect the cylinder and pipeline, gas valume ;
Clean up the objects on the lathe bad and peripheral equipment that had danger risk on the cutting;
Inspect the exchangeable platform and the lubrication rail ;
Gas supply test ;
Place receiver car ;
Gas inspection for work-lifter ;
Chuck inspection ;
Power supply testing ;

2. Start fiber laser cutting machine

Switch on Start up breaker,
Switch on the computer host and open software,
Switch on the water chiller,
Switch on the laser source,
Switch on exhaust fan,
Switch on air compressor,
check the normal running of the exchangeable platform,
check the red light indication

3. Operation of fiber laser cutter

Go origin,
Switch the nozzle,
Place the sheet plate or tube plate,
Observe the concentric following,
Open the cylinder,
Check the red light indication,
Adjust red light center,
Calibration and edge-seek,
Choose the cutting size of graphics

4. Setting of cutting paramters of metal sheet laser cutting machine

parameters adjustment,
focal length adjustment,
air blowing,

5. How to close fiber laser cutting machine
Shut off the air cylinder,
Shut off laser source,
Shut off water chiller,
Shut off the software (move the laser head to the middle of lathe bed),
turn off the computer host,
Shut off breaker,
clean up the machine.

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Post time: Feb-04-2021